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Warranties & Service

All the electronic devices we provide have a limited one year warranty. The warranty can be upgraded to 2-year by selecting the appropriate option on the product page. The warranty starts on the day of receipt by your customer. All applications for the use of warranties should be transferred from you to us. If a device cannot be repaired it will be replaced or credited if it is not available.

What does a "limited" warranty mean?

The devices are fully covered for their first year in spare parts and repair costs.

The warranty is used upon return of the device along with all its accessories and accompanying payment receipts indicating the date of purchase of the device and the serial number (IMEI).


Product repairs are only permitted by authorized service centers and technicians. All products should be returned if diagnosed and repaired.

When is there no guarantee cover?

Caution: warranties do not cover device software, physical color and protective coatings, scratches on the screen and other areas, and consumable parts such as batteries.

The warranties cease to apply if one of the following reasons is found:

  • Damage from falling into water or any other corrosive liquid.
  • Exposure to high humidity in excess of the specified specifications
  • Exposure to extremes of temperature in addition to the specified specifications
  • Damage caused by a fall
  • Screen Breach (device permanently out of warranty)
  • Software intervention (eg Root, ROM change, malware infection, etc.)
  • Burned PIXEL after the end of the DoA period
  • Damage due to indifference to the operating instructions
  • Improper use of the product.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair or upgrading
  • Crash screen from fall
  • Battery damage if the supplied charger is not used

Also, our guarantees do not cover theft, damage and destruction due to natural phenomena (eg fire, earthquake, etc.)

Return costs for repair / replacement are always borne by the client.

Please convey the terms of the guarantee clearly to your customers.

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